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Posted: Apr 27 2016

Trendy Comfortable Beach Sandals


Every winter time I schlep throughout in boots working my way through the mud, but as soon as summer begins popping up I'm pulling out the flats and flip-flops. In a world of distressed tight jeans, wired bras and painful beauty processes, who would think that anything as unceremonious and cheap as flip-flop will become trendy?

"Flip-flops is finally back - not that they ever went anywhere, this summer, flip flops are big news as a trend. They are available for fathers, mothers, children and teens in every shop - from rubber dime store pairs to designer shops of the highest measure you will find them.

We understand that the call for this footwear is as a result of the unending chances for wear and adornment - including jewelry, heels, and embroidery. It is said that the versatility and popularity of flip-flops exist throughout the period, it remains a bold fashion assertion, and style is devoid of any season."

Oka-B. Footwear

Oka-B. The footwear is known for its anti-slip, thus ensuring the stability on wet or dry surfaces. The enhanced message beads, carved arch support and heel cup, will pamper every step. The lightweight, elastic shoes remain healthy and long-lasting.

You may not know, but Oka-B. Shoes are washable and easy to disinfect. They never fade, and the colorful shoes will not inscribe any marks and scratches on your floor. The non-absorbent material microbial resistant features will resist the growth of bacteria, odors and mildew. It's easy to keep your feet clean and healthy. Everything, Oka-B. The shoes are all made in the USA. The factory and design team are in Buford, GA.

Alicia Cape Cod

The mini-movement of these beads pom poms will surprise you at every step. You can choose to parade about in three primary colors. With unparalleled support, Alicia is comfortable to wear from dawn to dusk. And it is made in the USA.


Flat are derived from a woman soft ballet shoe, with a fragile heel or the appearance of no heel at all. Flat are becoming more popular for women and girls of all ages, both in the dancing environment and for casual wear. Extensive research shows flats shoes is a healthier alternative to the heels like high heels can lead to both short- and long-term pain in the upper and lower body of the wearer. We have taken the time to differentiate designs that will help you move to choose with ease.

Kinsley Fawn

We love how fun and funky Kinsley's ballet flat is! The beaded detail allows you to connect it to just about anything no matter what color is in your closet, you choose! This product is environmentally friendly, Dishwasher Safe, Made in the USA.


A slide is a shoe that is backless open toes, primarily; all the slides are not sandals. Thongs Flip Flops are usually classified separately. Slides can said to be high heels, flat heels or somewhere in between, and can almost cover the whole foot from ankle to toe, or maybe only one or two narrow straps. They usually comprise holding a single belt or a series of belts on the toes and the lower half of the foot to the shoe and to the foot. We have taken the time to address your needs and then you can choose from our collection, such as Madison aged gold and others from our site, and I am convinced that you will never regret you did.

Madison Aged Gold

Not just a fleeting summer love, the Madison is an all season’s choice. This summer we have the distinct preppy pastels, cheeky pop standard, and smooth designs with a spin designed so that you always have a perfectly fit your mood and your foot. Some ribbons come up with a strange pattern on the inside? Just for you. What fun! This product is environmentally friendly, Dishwasher Safe, Made in the USA.



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