New Sports Toy - Yo Baby Kick Flipper

Posted: Jul 07 2014

Have kids start to show interest in boarding sports? Worry that they will get hurt? Or they are scared of injury and give up trying?

Try Yo Baby Kick Flipper!

Kids can start trying the boarding sport out indoor in the comfort of own family room. With the enclosed instructional DVD, it's like you have a professional to teach your kids tricks and tips to the new sport. Your kids will be like a pro in no time.

It's light weight, easy to put in a backpack. It can be used indoors on the carpet, or outdoors on grass or sand.

Watch Yo Baby Kick Flipper in Action!

Yo Baby Kick Flipper was invented by award-winning extreme sports documentary producer and surf, skateboards pros. It got Creative Child Magazine 2007 Seal of excellence award, 2008 preferred choice award, 2009 product of the year award and so on. Yo Baby is the first in the product line and has already trained and entertained more than 60,000 kids. It's safe, fun and multiple color choices. Yo Baby rapidly increases skills such as balance, coordination and footwork, training today's youth to become tomorrow's athletes. Watch it in action with the short video clip.

Starts with age 4 and up, made in USA. Check our product page for more details.



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