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Posted: Jul 15 2014

First of all, Oka-B. shoes are all made in the USA. The factory & design team are located in Buford, GA.

Oka-B. shoes are well known for being slip-resistant, providing stability on wet or dry surfaces. The enhanced massage beads, arch support and sculpted heel cup will pamper your every step. The lightweight, flexible shoes remain comfortable and durable.

You may not know, but Oka-B. shoes are machine washable and easy to sanitize. They never fade, and the colorful shoes will not leave marks and scratches on your floor. The non-absorbent material has microbial resistant properties that resists the growth of bacteria, odor, and mildew. It's easy to keep your fee clean and healthy.

Oka-B. shoes are also recyclable! When it's time to retire your Oka-B. shoes, you can recycle them at recycling facilities which accept items labeled as #3 under the International Universal Recycling Code.

To learn more about how people around the world comment on Oka-B. shoes, let's take a look at what they say:
"Comfort has never looked so cute."
- Brink Magazine
"Switch out your haute heels with these sandals from their bridal collection and pamper you feet while you party…"
- Kentucky Bride Magazine
"They’re cute and comfy enough to dance in after your high heels have done their worst…"
- Best Health Magazine
"Great functional footwear for moms!"
- Atlanta Parent Magazine
"a perfect way to jazz up your bridesmaids’ style"
- Eco Wedding Magazine
"Inspired by simplicity and a return to the classics…"
- Pathfinders Magazine
"Super cute, bright, and comfy!"
- Latina Magazine
"At last! Comfy shoes that look as good as they feel!"
- Parade Magazine
"Fancy flip flops that can almost get by at the White House…"
- Redbook Magazine
"Designed with reflexology and ergonomics in mind, the shoes offer relief with every step."
- American Fitness Magazine

Oka-B shoes got American Spa's 2012 & 2013 professional's choice award, Named the #1 flats for Fall 2013 by Huffington Post Style. Some celebrities' favorite choice like Vanessa Hudgens, Valeria Boucas (Fashion editor for Footwear News), Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl star). Check our shoes collection to find out what we carry.


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