Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Posted: Jun 08 2015

Father’s Day is an event that bears enormous significance in your life. The responsibility of being a dad is equally important as that of a mom – working long hours under immense pressure or rushing through project deadlines – just to provide their family with comfort and a good lifestyle.

Although fathers are usually the recipient of gifts on this day, you can tweak the tradition a bit by purchasing a gift that can be enjoyed by both the parent and child. At, there are some interesting items lined up:

Sweet and Sugary Jigsaw Puzzles

Don’t worry – there are no chances your child will have a sugar rush anytime soon! The Sweet Line Chocolates jigsaw puzzle is all about tapping the fondness that kids have for chocolate and sweets, and using it to solve this 1000-piece game. Sweet Line Donuts, Cookies and Cupcakes, Donuts Tops, Cupcake Celebration, Chocolate Cupcakes, and Ice Cream are some of the variations in the collection of puzzles that will be loved by anyone with a sweet tooth. You will have a great time figuring out the pieces together as it is an extremely lucrative bonding exercise.

Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster

Build a roller coaster inside your room! This battery operated set has more than 600 parts such as rods, connectors and tracks. Moreover, you can add in motorized energy to power up the silver coaster car to send it hurtling over 19 feet of adventurous terrains – watch it twist and turn and experience the adrenaline rush.

U.S. Hellcat

Children are quite fascinated by airplanes, so why not build a fighter from the privacy of your home? This toy is developed along the lines of WWII's F6F Hellcat, one of the most well-known fighter-bombers in the world. With Laser Cut balsa parts, plastic propeller & wheels, detailed stick on wing covering and rubber band motors, the fighter looks quite realistic. Just some glue & wire cutter, and voila – you are all set to create one helluva’ fighter airplane with your kid!

Building Sets

We have 35, 70, and 521 parts building models, which can be used to construct almost anything such as dinosaurs, aliens, trains, Ferris wheels – bring out the inner genius in your child. A storage tub is provided for convenience so the small parts don’t get lost after playtime is over.

Buying these games can help to hone your child’s creativity, while giving you the opportunity to have fun and spend quality time together – isn’t that the best gift on Father’s Day? Place your order soon at



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