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Posted: Jul 09 2015

Fashion jewelry trends are appealing as everyone likes to look good and stylish. It is true that fashion is made for every type of person; however, some people think that sybaritic nature should not be adopted, which is a bad thought because regardless to social and financial background; everyone has the right to wear fashion jewelry. Doing fashion according to the latest trend doesn't require a lot of money as we offer Women's fashionable, trendy and stylish designer jewelry at affordable prices. All our fashion accessories are authentic "American Made" products, and we are sticklers in providing as well as designing fashion jewelry and summer accessories. So be in a jovial mood, appear dulcet, and wear trendy collections.

Our Feature Products

Amethyst Purple Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelet: Amethyst is a valuable gemstone as well as a variety of quartz which was quite expensive until the 18th century, but now it is more affordable. Nevertheless, the gemstone's hue comes in vivacious manner, and that is why it is in trends. This bracelet incorporates pure Amethyst as well as the Rhinestone to luxuriate any type of wardrobe. It is an authentic American stretch bracelet, what a sparkling piece!

Shamballa Inspired Macrame Bracelet: It is a unique blend of crystal as well as turquoise beads and crystal rhinestone beads. Apart from the blend, its style is Shamballa (Buddhist culture) inspired, which is popular around the globe. Shamballa bracelets are typical and people wear them for prosperity; however, they remain plebeian due to their ancient references. We have this bracelet designed in a fashionable manner with different color beads and rhinestone, with a touch of Shamballa. Various color depths are combined and create its contract which is easy on the eye and also harmonious.

Women's Golf/Tennis Visor: Serve n' Volley: What do you consider when buying a Golf/Tennis visor? It should protect your eyes from the sun, slip on and off, made up of fine clothing articles, comfortable, and most importantly, it should be cooler to wear. Men can even wear a typical sun visor, but women require style and comfort while playing their favorite sport. Our Serve n' Volley is designed to complement both comfort and fashion. It has a nice blue colored printed background with yellow tennis balls as well as the rackets prints. The product is 100% cotton and Made in USA.

Bottom Line

We sell many fashionable accessories, gifts, shoes, jewelry, toys, and other high quality products. So don't forget to check them all.



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