Best Aviation Day Gift Items for You

Posted: Aug 04 2015

As the National Aviation Day draws close, families prepare to celebrate this day with various selections of aviation-toys which are either bought to be given as gifts to other families or just for our own children. Even schools in the United States do organize for students to take part in classroom activities that focus on the topic of aviation.

Whatever your intention, our beautiful selection of high quality toys at are surely going to amaze you as they have been made especially for occasions like this.

These toys are perfect gift ideas for you, so you don’t have to worry about what to buy as gifts for this special event.

Airplane Design Studio

Our Airplane Design Studio brings out the creativity in you by giving you all you need to design your own planes! ...Yes, you are the designer. This Kit comes with over 35 parts (balsawood wings, tails & bodies, plastic parts, rubber motors, etc) to let you build your own unique flying toy designs. You therefore have the flexibility of design these toys however you want. It is simple to build so you don’t necessarily need to be a techie, super easy to fly and gives you hours of fun!

Supersonic Swirl

Get this Pack and start building the space themed Jet Ride - the Supersonic Swirl!

It has been motorized for exciting performance. Also included is a buildable K'NEXman figure. It can fit inside any car that is ready to ride!

This set comes with 464 parts, primarily rods & connectors, to build a K'NEX thrill ride!

By getting the Amazin' 8 Coaster and the Star Shooter Coaster (sold separately), you can have a working amusement park right in your home!

This pack is recommended for builders ages 7+.

Space Shuttle Take-off

This Jigsaw Puzzle lets you have endless hours of fun while you try to form the Big Picture by putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It helps to improve the reasoning faculty by forcing the player(s) to think of ways to complete the puzzle faster every single time. It has 1000 pieces in all.
Item Size is 26.5 x 19.25 inches and it is made in USA.

By visiting our store at, you will have a variety of other gift items to choose from. All are high quality products.



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