Double Your Flying Fun

Posted: Sep 15 2017

Twin Balsa Wood Model Airplanes

Every child enjoys the toy that can fly high up in the sky. We, at, sell these kinds of toys, much to the love and happiness of your child. Aesthetically designed balsa wood air plane kits not only fulfill dreams of your child, but also give command strengthening the thought process. It serves as an educational tool for your child. It demands patience to construct and a little technical knowledge to erect the structure.

It is made up of the strongest materials on earth. Do not think of it as a fragile element. The type of wood we use for constructing the exotic structures is Balsa wood. It is the miracle wood because of its perfect strength to weight ratio. It is quite easy to handle. It is painted, colored and glued to design the best aero plane structures for you.

The air structures specially designed to double your flying fun is durable and has the capability to take all the vibrations and shocks at the same time. You can get a vivid idea of the durability of these air structures with the fact that same balsa wood is used for making rockets. It is absolutely unbreakable.

Below is a short brief of our model airplanes. Have a look and let your kid decide the best of his choice.

We have our special offers open for a few days. Attain the maximum advantage of this sale and get your kids the best hobby to sharpen their mind.

Airplane Design Studio

This structure is all about inventing creativity in your child. Your kid takes the rope in his hands and sails the ship in any direction he wishes to. He becomes the sole designer. We offer this innovative kit with 35 parts. It is quite simple to assemble and is able to fly for a few hours. You can erect your very own design and be the captain of the plane.

Sky Streak Twin Pack

This amazing twin pack offers 2 sky streak motorplanes. This is one of the best products we are offering. Ordering this box will give you an access to an airplane with one section wing along with a dihedral (built in). The nose bearing and propeller constitutes of long lasting plastic. It is purely made in USA.

Jetfire Twin Pack

Jetfire twin pack offers our best selling glider. The protective box contains 2 jetfire gliders. This value added packaging is the perfect present for your kids. You cannot get anything more reasonable and constructive at such reduced rates.



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