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Posted: Aug 08 2016

Ours Chic Flip Flops

Flip flops are a modest type of footwear; however, they are becoming a huge fashion accessory. Every fashion brand makes flip flops due to the latest trend. Most flip flops incorporate V-shape strap body, making a thong at the top. The person wearing them slips her feet between the V-shape straps, and the joining consists of some kind of fancy accessories; in our case, we have used beaded pom-poms to give the best appearance to the flip flops.

Do you know why these shoes are called Flip Flops? Because they make a different sound than the usual shoes; they slap against the heel as well as on the ground, and that is why they are called flip flops.

Paris Runaways

From the past decade, flip flops have gotten to be in a vogue; yes, they became fashionable. In the past, they were just for a hot summer day or for the beach; however, now they are on the Paris runways. Today, you can see them everywhere in the states, from formal dances to beaches.

Keeping this trend in mind, we designed the most stylish type of flip flop, and you can purchase them in different colors as well as the sizes. We have advanced the materials, but we likewise have kept the basic style without making them unusual. You can likewise wear them with any casual attire.

Our Flip Flops Collection

Alicia Cape Cod: The Alicia is a dishwasher safe Eco Friendly product, Made in USA. It is incorporated with Blue and Light Blue Pom Poms at the center of the straps, and comes in the solid blue color. This will make your every step so delightful and comfortable.

Alicia Copper: The design of this is also similar to the above one, but the color is different, which implies you can choose the flip flops according to the desired color.

Alicia Twilight: All Alicia designs are same; there are three colors available in this design, and this one is twilight. Alicia sandal designs are premium designs that flaunts Pom Pom Beads at the top of the footwear.

Danielle Aged Gold and Pearl: This design consists of Danielle's seashells that are carefully assembled. These sandals come in two colors; gold and pearl, as well as both assembled by hand to make the perfect style.

Lucy, Cape Cod: If you prefer glass beads, then Lucy designs are perfect for you. They provide a fudge type appearance to the sandals and are custom made

Bottom Line

All Flip Flops on our store are Made in USA, Dishwasher safe, and Eco-friendly.



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