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Posted: Dec 28 2016

Women's Comfortable Lounge Pants

Gifts from USA is notable for providing customers with high quality clothes that are in fashion and will perfectly fit your personality and style. Our fall styles are designed with you in mind to make you happy and comfortable at home while you wear them. Our clothes are stylish and super trendy just the way you would like it. We understand that every girl needs to be given the opportunity to have the perfect design of clothes at every given time.

Pants are clothes which can be worn by women during fall to make them comfortable at home. They are sewn to flaunt the sexy looks and also allow you display your personality. These pants are usually worn in warm weather or at home where airflow and comfort is more paramount than the protection of the feet.

Our previously collection of jewelry and clothes have earned us loyal customers, now we have come up with new designs of ladys’ pants to wow you.

We have some fall / winter style women's bottoms to make you feel comfortable at home.

Drawstring Pants with Waistband & Pocket Shapes:

This piece of apparel has a contrast drawstring waist and string tie feature with a wide leg and raw hem. It is made of 35% Rayon and 65% cotton. It is made in USA.

Pant Drawstring with Twill tape:

This has loose fit legs, elastic stretch waist with string tie. This pant is very cozy and a rollover lounge. It can be worn for a heavy workout or to lie around the house. It is made of 65% Cotton and 35% Rayon. It is also made in the USA.

Pant/Top Convertible:

This clothe, made in India is made of 100% polyester. It is a loosely fitted garment which exposes the lower path of the thigh and the left shoulder. One piece could convert to two styles, a piece of charming top or a pair of bohemian pants.

Skirt Maxi Elastic Waistband with 2 slits in front:

This apparel consists of a skirt with 2 slits in front and a top with a v shape around the neck area. It features an elastic black band back side and a flat front. It is light weight and made of 100% polyester.

For the fashion lovers, pants are an important aspect of any attire; they can totally make or break an appearance and in no time change a casual look to a formal one. These collections of apparel and women's bottoms will bring out the beauty in you and also boost your self-esteem.

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