More Likes for Your Party Selfie

Posted: Dec 09 2016

Designer Jewelry earn you more likes for your party selfie

A gift idea for fashion jewelry comes in different accessories to complement different styles. A Jewelry is a reflection of your character. As a reflection of your personal trait, it will not be fair to yourself if your jewelry is made of inferior materials. A unique jewelry can be very flexible. It can be used on a variety of occasion and would still be suitable for your attire. This is because jewelries from is not only made with the clothes you wear in mind, but also to suit your own unique and personal characteristics. This is the reason why our jewelries are very versatile.

You might want to add a funky playfulness to your wardrobe and a modernized look to your personality, Our necklace sets should be your only option. The stylish set is a personal decorative item which is customized; it might not be too expensive but the amount of personalization invested on it determines its real worth. You need to buy a designer necklace, bracelets and earring set that will depict accurately your unique sense of zest and modern playfulness.

At we provide high quality Brown, Cream, and White Glass Pearl Bead Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet Jewelry Set made in USA. The jewelry has a white and cream color and is made of crystal rhinestone spaces and glass pearl beads. The necklace closure is a silver plated lobster clasp. The dimension of the necklace is about 17 inches long with a 2 inch extender chain. The bracelet has a dimension of 0.5 inches width and expands to a circumference of about 6.5 to 9.5 inches to suit the size of most wrists. The earrings closures are designed with hypoallergenic French ear hooks. The dimensions of the earrings are about 2 inches long.

Allow this flexible jewelry sets to give a spark to your appearance for a dressy night, party wear or a normal day out or out of town. The bracelet, necklace sets and earrings offer crystal rhinestones with cream, brown and white glass pearls. The pearls have a diameter of between 0.3 and 0.4 inch. They are uniformly decorated all through with rhinestone filaments.

The bracelet stretches to suit many sizes of wrists with a circumference of about 6.5 to 9.5 inches. There is free shipping for this product to places within the 48 contiguous United States.

Selfies are a great idea for taking instant photographs. From your wedding memories, to capturing special occasions, a bride wearing a diamond jewelry and perfect profile of a groom, selfies have made a mark for capturing emotions. A selfie has a mind of its own. If you want to share what you are doing and who you really are, or what you are wearing a selfie is a better way to do that. Selfies can include the glamorous, sexy, gorgeous and completely obnoxious.

There are a variety of moods possessed by a selfie. Selfies also have the ability to portray a mood which can be typical of your personality. It is an also be an avenue to wear a façade and earn millions of fans, with likes and followers on your social media account.

Put on jewelry from and you will get more likes for your party selfie when you upload them on any social media platform.



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