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Posted: Apr 28 2017

Oka-B's Stylishly designed Comfortable Spa Slides

Women’s casual and dress slides makes looking beautiful and elegant very comfortable. These women spa slides are manufactured in the USA and are made to be slip resistant, making it possible to be used both on wet and dry surfaces.

The spa slides are loved by women of all ages because of its ability to remain stylish regardless of the kind of fashion you like, always complementing your looks and beauty. When you add that to the simple way you can easily slide your foot into it and its high level of comfortability which is also one of the key features of these kinds of spring/summer style foot wares you begin to discover the main reasons why they are trending in the market among women and even celebrity figures.

Stylishly designed only for women, we offer a large variety of these lady’s spa slides. Our stocks are made up of high quality spa slides Made only in the USA.

Shopping for a right ladies shoe can be both interesting and difficult at the same time, with so much designs to choose from you might find it difficult to actually making up your mind on the one you want. Well I can help you with that. Here are some tips in helping you choose the right spa slides to suit your spring/summer fashion style.


MADISON AGED GOLD is a lovely stylish spa with a color that stands out in the crowd. The gold color makes it possible to be worn with nearly any color or design of dress. The MADISON CAPE COD deep blue color is a beauty to behold and serves as a darker sister to the MADISON CAPRI which is a lighter blue, making it possible to Choose a spa slide color that totally suits you.

If you are more into brighter colors, then the MADISON POPSICLE PINK stylish spa slide is the right choice for you or you could go for the MADISON SALT FLORAL which has both beauty and class written all over it.

Here are some of the properties of spa slides:

  • These spa slides are also recyclable, creating a very eco-friendly product.
  • They have an ergonomic design that is totally focused on comfort.
  • They are manufactured with non absorbent materials that prevent the growth of bacterial and also stops odors, making your slide always healthy to use.
  • They are built to slip resistance, making it possible to use in nearly all weather conditions.
  • The availability of endless varieties of designs and colors makes it possible to get a spa slide that suits your personality.

These collections are not dependent on time or occasion which means Where ever you are, be it on a cruise or in a resort, these women’s slides will make your natural look of elegance come true, giving you a one in a kind spring/summer fashion look.

All of our products are authentic made in America product that are eco-friendly, safe and of very high quality.



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