Summer Shorts and Pants

Posted: Jun 09 2016

Summer Shorts and Pants


Convertible summer shorts and pants are clothes worn by women during the summer, they are meant to bring out does sexy looks, and it allows you display your personality. These Shorts are usually worn in warm weather or in an environment where comfort and airflow are more relevant than the protection of the feet.

We have a variety of summer shorts and pants, ranging from shorts that in some situations can be worn as formal wear like our light denim short with crochet band will make you feel relaxed in that beach party and the pants can be worn on any beach. These types of shorts will boost your self-esteem and bring out the beauty in you. We have collections of both pants and short such as shorts with waistband Keel & Ruffle bottom, Pants / Convertible Top, skirt maxi with an elastic waistband that has two slits in front and much more just goes through our collection for your convenience.

Shorts Etiquette DOS & Don't s

Though many women would describe shorts as good, however, they are not the number one choice for them in most situations as they do not feel comfortable, but for sports and on a seaside holiday, or during a tropical condition, knowing the one that fits you are important. To ensure you do not embarrass yourself by wearing shorts or pant, make sure to keep in mind our DOS & Don't.


  1. make sure that it fit your body. If you have long slender legs, choose slim-cut shorts that end above the knee for a great look why not try our light denim short. If you are short and slightly chubby, avoid wearing shorts, as it will make you look even shorter. If you like to wear them, then go for something shorts that are not too uncomfortable, as you do not want to resemble a pressed sausage. When in doubt, always wear pants instead of shorts.
  2. Wear them with confidence and pride and the use of classic patterns like stripes, checks, will boost your confidence.
  3. Think of shorts on an event such as garden barbecues with colleagues, but avoid sloppiness: look smart, while a few convertible shorts and top and short cuff with crochet band or short with a smock waistband and ruffle bottom, you'll look debonair.
  4. Wear gray underwear when wearing white or light-colored pants. Otherwise, your underwear will become visible.


  1. Do not dress in shorts and a blazer or any other sports coats and neck-wear on the beach, unless you're in Bermuda or other tropical climates.
  2. Never wear visible socks with shorts; unless it is part of the school uniform unless you are involved in athletics competition.
  3. Do not put on shorts to the office, unless it comes to your home office.
  4. Do not wear white or light-colored pants with pockets. The lining always shows through.
  5. Do not wear shorts or denim shorts. You can pick from so many others that you do not need to settle for something as inelegant.
  6. Do not wear athletic shorts, bike shorts or board shorts for anything other than its original purpose.
  7. Do not feel obligated to put on shorts. If you have noticeable scars or an artificial leg rather a maxi skirt will do, especially when you feel uncomfortable to wear them, and you do not have to. It is always acceptable to wear pants on the beach.

Conclusively, our do's and don’t is to help to shape your decision, and it is important to state that all our collection is made in the USA with you in mind. Therefore, it is imperative that you check with us for more details, vacation is just at hand make your choice from our collection.



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