With Your Hands, the Sky's the Limit

Posted: Mar 15 2017

Kids play outside with balsa airplane

As spring is around the corner, preparations are made to celebrate the flower booming season with different gifts and toys which are either purchased to give to our children or as presents to give to other families. Schools are also not left out as they organize their students to participate in activities geared before the summer begins.

Toys which are specially made for kids should conform to particular standards. Such toys should be made attractive and should have the right colors on its wings and fuselage. The various parts of the toys should be assembled with glue and any other adhesive. For safety reasons, the toys should be properly shaped.

Whatever might be your intention, we at Gift From USA have beautifully selected high quality toys that will amaze you as they are specially designed for such occasion as this.

The toys are great gift ideas for you; hence you do not need to think about what to buy as gift for this awesome event.

Rockstar Jet:

The Rockstar Jet is built after corporate aircrafts which usually take rock stars to concert at various locations. Inside the kit contains plastic wheels & propellers, LASER CUT balsa parts, rubber band motors and detailed stick on wing covering. All that is required to assemble these flying toys is wire cutters and glue. It will take less than 2 hours to build. The wing has a span of 10¾". It is meant for children of ages 13 and above. It is made in USA.

Twin Biplanes:

This plane is easy to fly and easy to assemble. It is made in USA and is great for simulated dog fights. It has two 8" wing span hand launched with double wing gliders.

U.S. Hellcat:

This Gift idea is designed after the F6F Hellcat of World War II which is famous for destroying the Japanese carrier based fighters and also for being a powerful bomber during World War2.

The balsa wood airplane kits contain LASER CUT balsa parts, rubber band motors, detailed stick on wing covering, and plastic propeller & wheels. All that will be required to assemble the model is wire cutters and glue. The wing span is 10¼" and building time is less than 2 hours.

The plane is meant for children of ages 13 and above. It is made in USA.

You have to supervise and make sure that your kids follow the right safety protocol to be certain that they are not in harm’s way when playing with their model airplanes as they are learning the art of conquering the sky.

When you visit our online store at GiftFromUSA.com, you will find lots of other gift items to make your choice. The balsa wood model airplanes are of high quality. Orders made on weekends or holidays will be processed beginning from the next business day. You will be notified via email if the items you order are out of stock. We also have a 30 day return policy for all the products listed here.



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